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Apple Cider & Sage Pork Chops

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Apple Cider & Sage Pork Chops


2 pork chops, bone in
2 apples, sliced thin
½ stick of butter
Fresh sage
Salt and pepper
1 cup apple cider 
¼ cup Rufus Teague Smoky Apple





Toss ½ a stick of butter in a hot cast iron pan. Once butter is melted, add apple slices and sage. Let cook for a few minutes. 

Season chops with salt and pepper. Place in pan, moving apple slices out of the way. Cook for 5-6 minutes on each side. 

Pour 1 cup of apple cider and ¼ cup of Smoky Apple Sauce over chops. Let them steam for a few minutes. Top with more apple slices and sage. Serve hot.

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