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Common Questions Asked About Our Mouth-Watering Products, Answered Here!

How quickly can I get your tasty products?

We ship Monday-Friday! Orders placed before 2pm generally ship the same day. Delivery times depend on carriers and how much product we bribe them with, but generally you’ll get your hands on our award-winning sauces in 3-4 days.

What to expect when you order?

Once you place your order, we’ll send you an email with tracking info. We may even throw in a surprise goodie or two with your order. It’s important to us that you crack a smile before you crack open our tasty BBQ goods.

How long is it fresh for?

Check out the Best By date on every bottle. If a bottle is past its Best By date it could start losing some of that award-winning flavor we’re known for! Here’s a quick and handy list for each product’s shelf life:

- Regular BBQ Sauces in glass bottles = 3 years
- Dry Rubs = 3 years
- Steak Sauces = 3 years
- Smoke in a Bottle = 3 years
- Sugar-Free BBQ Sauces in glass bottles = 2 years
- Can-O-Que BBQ Sauces = 2 years
- Smoked Coffee = 2 years
- BBQ Nuts = 1 year
- Sunflower Seeds = 1 year

How to keep the Sauce fresh?

It’s best to keep our products at room temperature until they are opened. Once opened, please keep in the fridge. This will help maintain that signature flavor for at least 120 days after opening.

How to keep the Rubs fresh?

It’s best to keep our products at room temperature until they are opened. Once opened, replace lid and keep in cabinet or drawer. As with all spices, they can lose their punch if left open or in the sunlight for too long. Never store spices in your fridge.

Do your sauces or rubs contain allergens?

All of our sauces are gluten-free. Please note that we do have soy, celery, and mustard in our BBQ sauces. Our Steak Sauces have anchovies. And our Fish Rub contains milk. All allergens are called out under the ingredients, so be sure you’re pickin’ the safest options for you.

How are your products kept away from allergens during production?

We don’t use nuts or peanuts at any stage of production whatsoever, so you can lay our sauces and rubs on thick without fear if you have a nut allergy.

What stores can I find Rufus products in?

For a store near you just click on the nifty Store Locator page of our website. We also have a good deal of our products on Amazon.com.

Do you ship internationally?

We offer international shipping for bulk orders, but not so much for individual orders. If you live outside the U.S., you may want to check if a local distributor carries our products, instead of placing individual orders online and you’ll get them in your hands cheaper and sooner.

Has Rufus Teague been featured by the media or any publications?

We’ve been featured in Men’s Journal, Eater, Midwest Living, Tailgater – too many publications to count! These publications have sung the praises of our award-winning sauces over the past few years.