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TIP #2 Cooking Pork

Pork comes in many forms. Everything from delicious to super delicious. Along with the right seasoning and sauce, these tips will help you up your grilling or barbecue game and lock in those magical porky flavors.


  • Pork loin and chops don’t have as much flavor as some other pork cuts, so be sure and season well. We recommend coating with a little vegetable oil and either Rufus Meat Rub or Spicy Meat Rub. Season and put back in fridge for up to 2 hours before cooking.
  • Due to the lean nature of loins and chops, grilling on medium-high heat is typically the best way to cook.
  • Lock in moisture by searing both sides of chops over direct heat. Then finish over indirect heat until cooked through.
  • Brining for up to 2 hours before grilling can help ensure a flavorful, juicy pork chop or loin. Do this before adding seasoning.
  • While chops and loins aren’t steak, Rufus Steak Rub is a wonderful compliment and gives these pork cuts a bolder, earthier flavor.


  • Ribs can be done fast (grill) or done slow (smoker) and both turn out great. Just make sure they are at least 145˚F so they are safe and tender.
  • Wrapping or covering ribs for part of the cook will help achieve the “fall off the bone” quality many people love.
  • Season the ribs well with Rufus Meat Rub or Spicy Meat Rub before. To achieve a better seasoning adherence, slather the ribs in yellow mustard before adding spices. This will create a paste that cooks down great and the mustard will not impart much flavor.
  • Baste the ribs with your favorite Rufus BBQ sauce a couple of times during the last portion of the cook to let the sugars caramelize into sticky, smoky greatness.


  • Do not go from refrigerator directly on smoker. It’s best to let it get closer to room temperature before adding heat.
  • Pork Shoulder is a very thick cut of meat and is usually smoked slowly over a long period of time.
  • To make typical pulled pork it’s important to coat the meat the meat well with dry rub seasoning and save the saucing until after it’s cooked and pulled.
  • Tightly wrap the shoulder in foil halfway through the cooking to ensure tender juiciness.