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There are of course a million ways to cook beef, but here are a few cow tips (that was a joke) that will help you get the most out of your next beef barbecue or grilling adventure.


  • Season steaks (of course with Rufus Steak Rub) and let them rest until room temperature. This will allow for the spices to do their magic, and during cooking process produce a more even temperature throughout the steak rather than an overdone exterior and underdone interior.
  • Lock in moisture by searing both sides of steak over direct heat. Then finish over indirect heat until cooked through.
  • For doneness, do the finger test. If not familiar, just google it. Or, using a thermometer shoot for 120˚F = Rare, 130˚F = Medium-Rare, 140˚F = Medium, 150˚F = Medium-Well, 160˚F = Ruined!
  • Always let steak rest after removing from grill for several minutes before slicing. This will help hold in the juices and result in a tastier final product.


  • Try adding a bit of Rufus Teague seasoning, barbecue sauce or Smoke in a Bottle to the burger mix as you’re patting them. This will create great flavor throughout, no matter how thick you make them.
  • Oil grill grates and cook over high, direct heat to lock in moisture and get nice grill marks.
  • Only flip once and never press down while on the grill. The juices are your friend.

BRISKET (smoked):

  • Trim brisket and season heavily with Rufus Meat Rub. Ideally this will be done the day before cooking, wrapped well in plastic wrap and refrigerated. This will allow the seasoning to penetrate the meat and provide amazing flavor.
  • When brisket is done (around 210˚F) a thermometer or knife should slide in easily.
  • Once cooking is finished. Remove and wrap in towel for at least an hour. Uncover, slice, paint with your favorite Rufus BBQ sauce and enjoy.