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TIP #9 Oil Rub

As with all Rufus Teague products we want you to get every drop of flavor out of the BBQ we lovingly craft. So it just wouldn’t make sense if you went to sprinkle on our seasoning and it bounced off what you’re cooking and right onto the floor. It’s a no-brainer, but follow these simple tips to keep all that flavor on the food.

  • When cooking meats and veggies, make sure they are clean and patted dry. Having excess water on the food before adding dry rubs will only water down the rubs and likely wash some of the flavor away.
  • Add a small amount (just enough to cover what your cooking) of vegetable, olive, or avocado oil. Then just sprinkle that rub right on. The oil will help it stick to the meat and veggies without losing flavor and also give you those beautiful grill marks.
  • Smokers Tip!: If smoking meat it’s best not to oil meat. A great alternative is using standard yellow mustard. Just slather a coat of mustard around what you’re smoking and cover in Rufus Rub. This will basically create a “paste” and while it won’t change the final flavor, it can help produce a beautiful bark on the outside of smoked meats.