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TIP #12 Ground Meat

We all know that sprinkling with seasoning and covering with sauce makes meat way better, but when it comes to ground meat, there’s an added opportunity for flavor. Here are just a couple of ways to mix in unexpected deliciousness.


  • No matter what ground meat you’re cooking, or how you’re cooking it, Rufus Teague Dry Rubs can bring big flavor from top-to-bottom. Just mix into the meat some of the rub you plan on seasoning with and add a little less to the outside. The rub will mix with the juices and give the meat a more robust flavor.
    Great for: Burgers, meatloaf, meatballs


  • Ground meat can be very juicy, but it can also dry out easily. By mixing a little Rufus Teague BBQ Sauce into the meat you’re helping to keep moisture and flavor in the middle of whatever you’re cooking. This will give the ground meat a little depth and smokiness, but don’t add too much or your meat won’t easily hold a shape.
    Great for: Turkey burgers, burgers, chili, tacos


  • Specifically made to add savory flavor and realistic smoke, Rufus Teague Smoke In A Bottle can work wonders with ground meat by making it feel like it was cooked in the great outdoors. Just mix into any ground meat and whether you are cooking indoors or out, you’ll get that touch of smoke flavoring that makes grilling and BBQ so special.