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Turn Any Fish Into A Juicy Mouthwatering Experience!

  • Elevate Your Fish: Made for chefs and grill masters alike, our Meat Rub will transform any meal.
  • Natural Ingredients: We don’t believe in cutting corners with anything we make. Our rubs are non-GMO Project Verified, gluten-free, Kosher, free from MSG and made with natural ingredients.
  • Award-Winning Flavor: A masterful blend of herbs and spices, our Fish Rub is packed with mouthwatering flavors you can’t get enough of.
  • Made In America: We’re known for making the best BBQ in America and our Fish Rub is full of rich, tasty, natural ingredients, made with love. 

See Why Customers LOVE Rufus Teague Fish Rub...

"Rufus Knows His Fish."

"This stuff is AWESOME. I grill often. You might say I have a PhD in Grillology. I can cook a steak to perfection every time. And unless I am marinating my fish for several hours this is the stuff to use. Pull your fish out and cover generously all over this mix, let stand for an hour to fully soak in the flavor. Then grill away! I have even bought two more for my fest friend and my dad. All agree. Rufus knows his fish."

- Nick F.

"Great Flavor With An Amazing Crust"

"I don’t know how I lived without this seasoning for my tuna steaks...It has a great balance of garlic, pepper, and salt that combines great flavor with an amazing crust on every cut of tuna. I make sure I have at least 1 bottle unopened at any given time."

- Andrew L.

"The Best Seafood BBQ I Have Ever Cooked

"This helped make the best fish I ever cooked whether it was on the charcoal grill (best way) or broiler. I rub both side of 1/2 in fish, let it sit for at least one hour to bring to room temp. seasoning gets into fish."

- Deborah Kramer

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Fish Rub 6.8oz Bottle
Natural Ingredients
Elevate Your Fish
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Natural Ingredients
Elevate Your Fish
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Natural Ingredients
Elevate Your Fish