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TIP #5 Direct/Indirect heat

Whether gas or charcoal grill, having the proper heat is one of the most important parts of successful grilling. Follow the tips below and you’ll find yourself well on the way to being a pro.


  • When food is placed directly over the top of fire/hot coals. This provides a much more intense heat and is great for searing and charring.
    Great for: Steak, hamburgers, pork chops, vegetables


  • A cooler side of the grill where heat circulates around the food, but is not directly below it. Since this is essentially like an oven, it’s perfect for cooking more delicate foods or cuts of meat that are thicker.
    Great for: Whole chickens, roasts, fish, pork loins


  • Setting up a grill with hot coals or burners on one side and not the other allows for best of both worlds for many foods. Use the Direct Heat side to sear your food, lock in moisture and get lovely grill marks. Then move to the other side for slowly roasting until it’s done.
    Great for: chicken, thick pork chops and loins, thick steaks