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TIP #6 Add Sauce

Everyone knows that Rufus Teague makes some darn fine sauces, but what the heck do you do with them? We use the highest quality ingredients and cook them down to a thicker, more intense flavor. This means you use less for more flavor, and when you grill with it, the sauce tends to stay on your meat and not your coals.

Here are a few ways to shine a light on how we’ve been using these sauces for years.


  • Since grilling is typically over fairly high heat, you want to add the sauce within the last quarter of the cook. The hot, dry heat works with the ingredients in the sauce to give them a great, caramelization that really sticks to your meat and heightens the already intense, smoky sweet flavors.


  • Much like grilling, BBQ sauce should be added at the end of the cook. Even though temperatures are lower for smoking, the sauce can still burn. For this reason, try to hold off on basting your masterpiece until the last 30 min to hour. This will result in a nice caramelization without charring. OR… wait till after your smoked delicacies are cooked and sauce after pulling or slicing.


  • No surprises here. Just like all sauces (but better!) you can pour Rufus BBQ sauce right on top of any sandwich, any meat, dip fries, chicken strips and nuggets in it or just slug it right out of the bottle. Mmmm…mmm.


  • Fire up that Instant Pot or Slow Cooker and make everything from BBQ pulled pork, to BBQ cocktail weenies, to zesty nacho cheese! The recipe ideas are endless, but adding a Rufus BBQ sauce to most slow cooked dishes will elevate flavors you won’t soon get enough of.


  • Of course, covering many baked dishes with a layer of sauce will also lead to great caramelization and a pop of smoky, sweet goodness. Try topping your next baked meatloaf, fish, pizza or go all out and create candied bacon by just coating nearly finished bacon in sauce and putting it back in oven. Oh my.


  • Rufus Teague BBQ sauces are the perfect way to elevate the usual condiments and dips. Just add half BBQ sauce to mayonnaise for a burger topper that can’t be beat. Toss a little in hummus to give it a smoky kick. Experiment and we think you’ll open up a whole new world of flavor combinations.