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TIP #7 321 Ribs

Ribs are a true gift. And that amazing gift can be made easily at home with this simple trick. All you need is a smoker (or oven) dialed in to 230˚F, some baby back ribs and Rufus Teague BBQ sauce and dry rub. Here’s an easy way to get the results you want from a method as easy as 3-2-1.

Prep your clean, dry ribs by removing silver skin and generously coating in Rufus Meat Rub.


  • Put on your smoker (bone side down) and cook for THREE hours.


  • Pull ‘em off and wrap in aluminum foil. Then toss ‘em back on smoker for TWO more hours.


  • Remove the foil and place those naked ribs back on smoker for ONE more hour.
    For last 15 minutes of the cook, paint ribs with Honey Sweet or your favorite flavor of Rufus Teague BBQ Sauce.

That’s all. After they rest for a few minutes, slice between the bones, add a little more sauce and dive in!